Is GSP Rushfit The Right Program for You?

by on April 8, 2013

GSP Rushfit Review
George St Pierre (GSP) is a world renowned MMA fighter who has teamed up with his trainer Erik Owings to create his first fitness training guide. The GSP Rushfit program was originally developed to improve GSP’s performance in the ring, but it has now been released to the public as a comprehensive training program aimed at building serious muscle. The following GSP Rushfit Review is crucial reading for anyone interesting in investing in this fitness and conditioning program:

GSP Rushfit Program Overview

The plan is made up of seven intense circuit training workouts which each last around 45 minutes. The workouts all feature a range of efficient and demanding exercises that are split into five minute rounds to maximize calorie burning and muscle stimulation. The overall plan is designed to target all key areas of fitness, even including flexibility and balance which are frequently left out of traditional training programs. Here are the seven workout titles:

  1. Strength and Endurance
  2. Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning
  3. The Fight Conditioning Workout
  4. Power Training
  5. Full Body Strength and Conditioning
  6. Balance and Agility
  7. Stretching For Flexibility

GSP Rushfit is an 8 week training program which uses these workouts in combination. The program’s original purpose as a fight training regime means that it is ideal for anyone who is particularly interested in developing their fighting ability. However, because of its broad focus and comprehensive design, it is also a great choice for people wanting to improve the overall fitness, body strength, and appearance.

What You Get with the Program

Here is a list of exactly what you receive when you purchase the training plan:

- 6 Rushfit workout DVDs

In each DVD workout George St Pierre is accompanied by his trainer Erik Owings as the pair take you step by step through every workout in real time.

- 3 individual beginner, intermediate, and advanced training calendars

Whether you are a professional MMA fighter or an absolute beginner there is a training calendar suited to you, and each workout agenda gradually builds in difficulty over time to match your progress. The short intense exercise style also means that these plans can be fitted into any busy schedule.

- Step by step preparation guide

This guide gives you all the support you will need to get your training on the right track. It includes details ranging from what equipment to buy, to getting in the correct mind set.

- Detailed nutrition guide

Nutrients in food are the fuel your body needs to build muscle and maximize performance. Without adequate nutrition, no training plan can succeed, so this comprehensive nutritional advice guide is included to show you exactly what to eat in order to see dramatic results.

What Do Real Customers Think?

With such a popular product there are unsurprisingly hundreds of reviews to be found online from a broad variety of customers. Some reviews were from individuals who were already physically fit, which praised the program for filling in gaps in their ability such as flexibility and core fitness. One beginner, on the other hand, wrote that the 8 week program allowed them to lose 15 lb without changing eating habits. Another GSP Rushfit Review stated that though the individual workouts are much shorter than similar programs, such as P90X or Insanity, the results are just as dramatic and the plan is more achievable in the long run.

What Makes GSP Rushfit Different?

- Minimum Equipment Needed 

Common talk within the fitness industry is that to succeed, you need top of the range equipment and lots of it. However with GSP Rushfit, this is not the case. All workouts can be done with just hand held weights or dumbbells, ranging in weight between 2 lbs and 25 lbs. As much of the plan works around endurance, it is unlikely that you will need anything heavier.

- Tailored To Suit You

Comprising of several distinct difficulty levels, the Rushfit training program is suitable for people of any age, experience, or fitness level, as long as they have the determination to persevere. You can get the same results as having a personal trainer but for a fraction of the cost.

- No Fitness Plateau

The intensity of the GSP Rushfit workout schedule is specifically designed to increase along with your level of fitness, meaning that your strength and muscle definition will continue to improve throughout the course of the program.

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GSP Rushfit Results: What you can expect

by on April 8, 2013

GSP Rushfit Results

Even for the casual fan of the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts Georges St. Peirre (affectionately called GSP for short) is something of a icon. Known for being one of the most well rounded and incredibly conditioned fighters, when word went out about his intentions to release his own fitness DVD set, Rushfit, to say many people were intrigued is a understatement. Now the big question: Do Rushfit results impress as much as GSP inside the Octagon, or does it not live up to it’s hype?

Fasten your seat belt as we dive into the Rushfit program, fill you in on ours and others Rushfit results and give you the 100% inside truth about Rushfit.

Rushfit Enters the Home Fitness Arena

First a bit more about Rushfit. Rushfit, which is a joint project between GSP and his A-list Conditioning Coach Erik Owings, has come into a newly vibrant results orientated home fitness market fueled by relatively intense programs led by charismatic front men. Think P90X and Insanity. Rushfit has GSP, Owings and their MMA pedigree, but is that enough to stand up to the stiff competition?

When we open the box we see the Rushfit set comes with six DVDs, as well as a printed fitness and nutrition guide. The packaging is completely professional and impressive, and certainly meets or exceeds it’s competition, in this category.

So far so good, but the truly important part of Rushfit is how well the program itself works. Rushfit resultts? Let’s dig in.

Strength and Endurance the Rushfit Way

Rushfit’s first DVD is focused on Strength and Endurance. It frankly had me most intrigued, to see what gems it may hold considering GSP has arguably among the highest levels of endurance of any UFC fighter, bar none. It didn’t disappoint one bit. After a warm up (all the training DVDs smartly include warm ups and cool downs), it plunges into a full body workout split into five three minutes rounds. Very impressive, well thought out and challenging. P90X and Insanity both are left tapping out by Rushfit’s Strength and Endurance plan.

What type of results can you expect from following this DVD? You will get stronger and your endurance will go through the ceiling. This is really worth the price of the set alone, and shows that GSP and Owings can deliver and then some.

Rushfit Abdominal and Core Conditioning

Next we’ll dive into the abdominal and core conditioning DVD. Another great set of workouts. Perhaps not as groundbreaking as “Strength and Endurance” but solid and actionable.

After eight weeks of Rushfit, my once hidden six pack is now clearly visible again, so once again two solid thumbs up. Bare in mind following the diet guidelines is a must, if you plan on seeing your abdominal muscles no matter how intense you train. Your Rushfit results will impress much, much more if you dive into the plan 100% instead of cherry picking the parts of the program that you find most appealing!

Rushfit Fight Conditioning

This is by far the funnest of the workouts in my opinion. GSP can fight and can sure get you in “fighting shape” too, even if like most of us you will never throw a punch in anger. Looking like a fighter is a worthy goal certainly – take a look at GSP on the cover, if you have any doubts!

The results from this DVD are powerful. Be sure to pace yourself, if you are out of shape you definitely want to build yourself up to what’s offered here!

Explosive Power Training with Rushfit

If you have never done plyometrics, Rushfit will open new doors of how to get in shape for you. The Rushfit Explosive Power Training will produce results and produce them fast. I found myself make the fastest gains in this area and I suspect it had a lot to do with my end results being so impressive.

Rushfit also contains great flexibility and stretching routines, more full body training and much more. All of these workouts are top notch with not one falling behind one bit.

A Final Look at Rushfit Results

I became much leaner and stronger following the Rushfit program. A casual glance at Rushfit results on any of the many discussion boards back up my personal impression completely. I would give Rushfit five out of five stars and recommend it for anyone truly interested in getting into great shape. A big thanks to GSP for sharing his wisdom with us all!

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